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Loren Wolf Receives Silver Coaching Certification

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Sterling, Illinois – August 12, 2008- Loren Wolf recently received his USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Silver Coaching Certification. Loren attended a Silver Coaches Training Conference in June 2008. This 3-day conference is an advanced level of training & certification designed for individuals wanting to increase their coaching skills and professionalism to the advanced level. This is the recommended course for collegiate coaches.

To be certified requires a minimum score of 80% on a written test and 80% on a video analysis test. Loren scored 94% on the written test and 100% on the video analysis test. As prerequisite to this training he attained Bronze level certification in May 2007, which deals with coaching intermediate bowlers. Before that he received Level I certification in November 2005, for coaching youth and beginning bowlers.

Loren has spent over 29 years in the bowling business, operating the Pro Shop at Paone’s Blackhawk Lanes for most of those years. Loren also has held or holds the positions of pin-chaser, mechanic, lane maintenance technician, counter person, bowling lanes and eatery manager. All of these have been with Paone’s Blackhawk Lanes.

Private Lessons are available and you may schedule your one-on-one lesson with Loren, by calling (815) 625-0771 or emailing him at The first lesson begins with a complete bowler profile and will include; equipment evaluation, review of your bowling goals, bowling stance, approach, finish position, release and ball travel characteristics (axis tilt, axis rotation, speed, etc). Three “focus points” are documented and provided to the bowler following each lesson..