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Provided By: USBC Silver Certified Coach Loren Wolf

  • Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Camps-Clinics
  • Bowler Analysis
  • Arsenal Creation
  • Video Analysis
Private lessons can include an evaluation of your equipment, physical abilities and goals. Your stance, approach and finish position will be analyzed from both the side and back perspectives. Ball speed, rev rate, axis rotation & axis tilt can be used to determine bowler type. This will be useful in equipment selection and drilling pattern selection.

Improve your physical game or lane play skills with private lessons for any skill level.

• Group lessons available for beginning to intermediate level bowlers.

Camps or Clinics are available concentrating on the physical game, lane play & other topics.

Bowler analysis to determine bowler type will help match you with the right equipment and drillings.

Create an arsenal of equipment to handle different lane conditions and bowling centers.

About Loren Wolf

USBC Silver Coaching Emblem from Paone's Blackhawk LanesLoren attended Silver Coaches Training in June 2008. This 3-day conference is an advanced level of training & certification designed for individuals wanting to increase their coaching skills and professionalism to the advanced level. This is the recommended course for collegiate coaches. To be certified requires a minimum score of 80% on a written test and 80% on a video analysis test. Loren scored 94% on the written test and 100% on the video analysis test. As prerequisite to this training he attained Bronze level certification in May 2007, which deals with coaching intermediate bowlers. Before that he received Level I certification in November 2005, for coaching youth and beginning bowlers. Loren has given private lessons to adults and children for many years.

Loren has been in the Pro Shop business since November of 1978. With these nearly 30 years of experience, he is an expert at fitting and drilling a bowling ball. He has successfully solved fit problems and is exceptionally qualified to check ball fit.

Through his work in the Pro Shop he has an in-depth understanding of ball construction and layout techniques to control ball motion on the lanes. Now with that knowledge and the ability to analyze and determine bowler type, from coaches and ball company training he has the ability to match up bowler, ball and lane conditions and design an arsenal for the high end bowler.

Loren attended a shoe training seminar by Dexter Shoes and also through the coaches training can identify problems shoes may be causing your game.

Loren WolfLoren’s time in the bowling business has all been spent with Blackhawk Lanes where he has and does hold many other positions including lane care and maintenance technician which gives him a thorough understanding of lane construction, surfaces and lane conditioning. Loren was certified by the USBC predecessor ABC/WIBC (American Bowling Congress/Women’s International Bowling Congress) as a Certified Lane Inspector in August 1985. He is responsible for applying Certified Sport Bowling conditions at the center including the PBA Experience leagues. This, along with the silver coaches training, aids in instructing on lane play and adjustments.

Services and Rates

One hour private lesson $40.00.

One hour private lesson with video analysis $50.00.

1/2 hour private lesson $21.00.

Call for a current information on camps, clinics and classes.

Bowling fees are not included in these prices, they are the responsibility of the client.