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How to Bowl

Applies to right handed bowlers. Left-handed bowlers reverse the procedure.
Stance: Stand about one and a half meters from the foul line and face square on to the pins...Hold the ball waist high.
1st Step:

          Push the ball out and down, stepping forward with your right foot at the same time.
2nd Step:

          Let the ball swing down to your side in a pendulum movement. Left hand extends out to the side for balance..
3rd Step:

          As you go into the third step the ball goes into the top of the backswing. Ball is no higher than shoulder high. Don't bend your elbow.

4th Step:

          Slide forward on left foot with left knee bent. Let the ball naturally roll off your hand and allow your aim to follow through.
Continue the swing of your arm until pointing at the pins. Left arm extended for balance, hips and shoulders square towards target. Don't open your hand when releasing the ball... Keep your fingers in the grip position.

The important points to bear in mind while bowling are:


* Starting Position
* Body Alignment
* Stance
* Approach
* Arm Swing
* Release
* Finishing Position