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2010 Pepsi USBC Youth Championships This is the premier nationwide tournament for youth bowlers. All USBC Youth members are eligible to bowl at the league qualifying level with a chance to advance. There is no additional cost to enter at the league level and only a one-time entry fee (typically) for all succeeding levels. Based on age, handicap competition at the Pepsi USBC Youth Championships is 100 percent of 210. Scratch competition also is available. Bowlers of all ages and skill levels have the opportunity to experience competition at the highest level. The Youth Championships has become a stepping stone to encourage new young athletes to become involved in tournament competition. Qualifying competitions are held in six divisions based on age as of Aug. 1: Boys and Girls Handicap, ages 11 and under; Boys and Girls Handicap, ages 12 and above; Boys and Girls Scratch, ages 12 and above. Qualifying begins at the league level with two-week windows between Oct. 12 and Oct. 25, when bowlers have an opportunity to qualify for state/zone competition. Division winners at the league level advance to the Zone level and then to the state competition, with some earning scholarships.