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New Adventures in Every Frame

Bowlopolis is an imaginary bowling center where everyone, young and old look to bowling for happiness, livelihood, identity and love of the sport. It is a place where fun, adventure and play help develop lifetime skills.

Bowlopolis captures youth imagination through an innovative, educational and humorous series of 3-D animated DVDs where children are presented with the many activities found in a bowling center. The initial 8 episodes feature a typical young boy (Layne), at home enthralled in his video game environment, forced out of his limited world on a mission to save his father (and manager of Bowlopolis). To accomplish his goal, he must visit Bowlopolis and confront the evil (and awkward) Kingpin. While there, Layne witnesses his friends enjoying the numerous venues available in this ultra-modern facility. Importantly, his best friend, Carrie, is there at Bowlopolis celebrating her birthday. However, Layne is on a mission. He must defeat the Kingpin at a game of bowling to release his father and gain control of the earth -and earn a sizable trophy. Only one problem ..... Layne does not know how to bowl!

The series covers Layne's experiences as he learns the finer points of the sport; from bowling ball selection, bowling techniques and competitiveness on his quest to "save his father." His faithful pooch, Reset, accompanies him throughout his Bowlopolis adventures. Reset brings a high level of intelligence to the story and a major secret. The capable canine can actually talk, but only to Layne.


Layne Kegler -He is an all too typical 10-year-old boy who would rather spend time playing the latest, greatest video game rather than getting some exercise. There's not a lot of quality "family time" in Layne's life. It's not that Layne doesn't love his family; it's just that he has to save the Earth from mutant android pastry chefs with unruly mustaches.

Carrie Woods -Layne's good friend is having her 10th birthday party today at Bowlopolis. She is beyond excited and talks to Layne so fast it is almost unintelligible -thanks in large part to her party's steady diet of "cake and soda and candy and cake."

Reset -The Kegler's family dog has a secret and only Layne knows it. He can talk! Around everyone else he sounds like a somewhat normal run-of-the-mill canine, but with Layne he not only speaks fluently, he is highly intelligent. The problem -he is a bit of a know-it-all with a plethora of information. Unfortunately, most of it is completely useless factoids.

Mr. Kegler-the Manager at Bowlopolis AND Layne's Dad. An all around good guy who only wants what is best for his son. Unfortunately, Layne sees him as somewhat, oh how do you say this while being politically correct... 'UNCOOL!"

Kingpin -A gigantic evil bowling pin from Bowlopolis bent on taking over the Earth! What else is there to say!

The Pinions -The Kingpin's mini-henchmen that are more annoying than diabolical. Think of them as the Keystone cops, in bowling pin form. In attempting to carry out the Kingpin's twisted schemes, they usually end up bungling things and fighting amongst themselves.


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